contact: s@a-soma.com

A-Soma was born in London. He attended Kingston College of Art 1972 - 76. Studied fine art printmaking, becoming involved with mixed media, installation, photography, performance art, film and video - went on to make experimental 16mm films and received Arts Council funding for these - shown films at The Berlin Film Festival and The Paris Biennale. In 1982 he changed his birth name by deedpoll to A-Soma (a body). He went on to work with sound and words releasing the experimental vinyl album, Last One Out Turns Off The Lights in 1989, with a vocal contribution from Eve Libertine of CRASS whom he has also performed live with - made soundtracks for Channel 4 shorts and written film scripts, including the animation film Expelling The Demon with voices by Steven Berkoff and Lyndsay Duncan and music by Nick Cave - wrote and directed the short film Coughs & Codes, shown at the Raindance Festival in 2003. In 1999 he released the CD album Nothing Comes To Mind and in 2009 the CD album Dark In Space. He has played guitar in 46000 Fibres and Diary. His work has been featured and discussed on Patricia Furlong's arts programme on Radio Vitoria. Follow this link to listen.

A-Soma is an anti-humanist atheist, a world view which rejects any notion that humans are superior to other forms of existence. This core value underpins his creative work.